Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's a photo from a recent performance in Camden, Maine. We played there again on Saturday, July 3rd as part of the annual "Music By the Sea" event in Harbor Park. Upcoming July appearances include Blue Hill and Brunswick - you can check out our schedule page here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're way overdue for an update! The musical Muellers are alive, well and holed up in Maine! After several years of touring, we are staying put in our home state, playing selected dates as we pursue some other interests. We've added a couple of dates to the calendar and have several dates pending, so please check back if you are in need of some pickin' and grinnin'.

Here's a little bit of what's going on with the family... Tom, while not playing guitar and singing in our band, is a world-class pipe organist on a mission--namely, he's presenting in concert everything that J.S. Bach wrote for the pipe organ, somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 pieces of music. He performed the first concert in January and is scheduled to achieve his goal (approximately 18 concerts) in October. You can read about him here. The younger Muellers are enjoying time home with serious piano study, something that had fallen by the wayside when we were on the road a lot. And while much of what we are doing is musical, Bob, 19, is training for a trans-USA unicycle ride! Here's a couple of links if you want to learn more about Bob's unicycling:

Thank you so much for supporting our family!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi everyone,

We hope that you are enjoying the summer! It's been one of the wettest, coolest summers on record (at least in our neck of the woods), but that hasn't stopped us from playing as much as possible!

I've just added a couple of new August dates to the calendar, so check it out and see if we'll be playing near you in the next few months. We'd love to see you at a show.

Tom M.

New Found Activities

We’re always looking for something new to get into in terms of activities that we can do in group that also gets us outside and active. Nowadays it’s just too common to sit inside all day doing this or that, or sitting on the computer all day.

This basically started off with having some soccer camps during the summer, and even though it’s just mainly the kids that get out to the field now, we all still gather to watch games. We try to watch as much Premier League and MLS as possible, but it’s not always possible to get to them all. Luckily there are some features to record games with the cable box, but even then we don’t have any special sports package so we only catch the big games on the tv. For all the other games we usually tune into something like a Manchester United stream, where we can see live games and recorded games.

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