Maine-based family bluegrass band The Muellers has put in a lot of mileage bringing their high-energy blend of traditional and original bluegrass to audiences across the country during the last few years, but they know that they still have many more miles to go—no small task for a band in which the majority of musicians are still too young to drive. Audiences across the country are taking notice of the band’s electrifying performances, twin- and triple-fiddling, unique arrangements, and musical maturity and poise that belies the band’s tender age. 

With family roots in Missouri, the Muellers are firmly grounded in the bluegrass tradition. A true family band, The Muellers consists of parents Curt (banjo) and Karen (bass), plus five of their seven children: Tom (guitar), Laurah (mandolin), Sarah (fiddle), John (fiddle), and George (fiddle).

The Muellers' MasterShield Records debut project, Branching Out, was released in 2007, to positive reviews and national airplay. Their previous self-released albums are Silver Dollar (2006) and Family Favorites (2005).

The Muellers are the subject of a 2008 documentary film, Talent to Burn, which explored the early development of the band, and the effect that their musical career has had on their family life. The film can be viewed on The Muellers’ website, or on YouTube.

laurahLaurah Muellermandolin, harmony fiddle, vocals

Laurah is rapidly making a name for herself as a lead singer with a sound far beyond her years. Her primary instrument is mandolin, but she occasionally contributes harmony fiddle as well.

Laurah proudly endorses Grady Mandolins and Frank Daniels violins.

sarahSarah Muellerfiddle, vocals

Sarah is a fiddling and vocal powerhouse, with musical maturity and talent far beyond her fifteen years. A gifted songwriter, Sarah has contributed many of the band’s unique arrangements and originals.

Sarah endorses Frank Daniels violins.

johnJohn Muellerfiddle, harmony fiddle, guitar, vocals

Twelve-year-old John’s high, soaring tenor voice invites comparisons to the historical prodigies of bluegrass singing. Already an experienced fiddler, John frequently joins his sisters for The Muellers’ breathtaking twin- and triple-fiddle arrangements.

georgeGeorge Mueller fiddle, mandolin, vocals

If you watch the Muellers, you’ll see little George, just eight years old, strutting around with his tiny fiddle. Audiences delight in George's serious singing style and the heartbreak and prison songs he likes to perform.

tomTom Mueller guitar, mandolin, vocals

Tom was a founding member of the band before he got sidetracked into jazz and classical music and left Maine to pursue a graduate music degree at the University of Notre Dame before returning to the band in 2007. A gifted guitarist, Tom also contributes the bulk of the band’s original material.

Tom endorses Bourgeois Guitars and Grady Mandolins.

karenKaren Muellerbass, vocals

As is often the case in family bands, Karen was elected to the position of bass player by the family, but she has since come into her own as an instrumentalist. Audiences applaud her great feel and musical intuition. In addition to her playing and singing, Karen handles the bulk of the band’s promotional and managerial duties.

curtCurt Muellerbanjo, guitar, vocals

Curt began playing bluegrass during his childhood in his native Missouri, and has passed the tradition on to the rest of his family. Equally comfortable on banjo and guitar, Curt also possesses a clear tenor voice that embodies the traditional “high lonesome sound.”